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About The Artwork
To create her digital art Carrie uses a style known as Contour Topographical Painting. The art is created by painting shapes and details as flat color areas with ascending or descending tonal values to create the illusion of depth and texture. No gradations or blends of color are used. From a distance the eye blends the "rings" of color into a smooth continuous tone. Looking at the art up close you can see the individual shapes and tones used.

Since the artwork is digitally created (painted using a computer,) there are no "originals" of the work such as you would have with a traditional oil or watercolor painting. The art is printed using a method known as giclée to create a beautiful detailed canvas or fine art paper rendering of the painting.

What is a Giclée?
Giclée printing represents an advancement in modern printing technology. From the French term meaning "to spray", giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) describes the printing process that utilizes liquid inks and varied substrates to create archival quality art reproductions. Prints are produced on state-of-the-art Epson printers using the highest quality Ultra-Chrome pigmented inks. These long lasting prints are rated for 100 years by the Wilhelm Research Group.

In giclée printing, no screens or plates are used - resulting in a print with no visible dot pattern. A giclée print maintains incredible detail and rich, intense color - while preserving all the subtle tonalities and hues of the original artwork.

What is the difference between a giclée print and an inkjet print?
Technically, they are the same.  Both giclée and inkjet prints are made by spraying ink onto the surface of a material, most commonly watercolor paper, canvas and photo-like paper. However, giclée has become synonymous with fine art reproductions printed on watercolor paper or canvas using a high-end inkjet printer and pigmented inks.

Interested in purchasing a digital painting?
For more information on purchasing a beautiful and unique Zeidman painting for yourself or as a gift for someone special go to our gallery pages and click on the images, or contact us for any custom orders or requests.

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